HeXit update

HeXit update: Unfortunately we have to postpone further development of HeXit for a while. The reason is that we have to focus on our contractually projects which lets us pay our expenses. We can't yet promise when will HeXit be in focus again but the project is not canceled for good.
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Plans for HeXit

As we are trying to move away from linear story telling as much as possible therefore we are modifying the game engine to create a more sandbox style game-play. This will help us to implement alternate possibilities in the story and give the player more freedom in the world. Currently we are developing a playable demo which we'd like to share with you in the beginning of 2014 following by a full game release at the end of 2014. Before that our plan is to show you some spectacular actions with the new game engine in summer 2013. Stay tuned :)
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HeXit web page launched

A dedicated web page for HeXit is launched! You can find information about the HeXit world, download images and watch videos on this site. We will also post information on the actual progress of the HeXit game.
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